Atra Materia (thedarkmaterial) wrote in pirates500,
Atra Materia

Challenge #53

In the grand tradition of p500, I am once again running late. But that's okay, as apparently, so are all of you. ^.~

I am sorely disappointed with the lack of Tia Dalma pr0n responses! Well, no, not really; but that's your cue for the next go-'round: Disappointment. At times, it seems as if it's the very framework on which our treasured tales are built. Jack loses the Pearl, and on regaining it, slips right through James Norrington's desperate grasp. The king of the sea builds his empire on hollow vengence; while Elizabeth learns not to seek what she cannot bear to find - or one hopes she would, at least. Show us a moment missed from a new angle, or dig up a secret regret we never saw at all.
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