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Challenge #52, and the Letters of Mark

(The one before the other, as it may be.)

Based on the replies given so far, it sounds like continuin' the bi-weekly format is the best option - so until further notice, and with the exception of this one (because I'm chomping at the bit to dive back in, here), challenges will be issued on the first and fifteenth of every month. linaelyn has kindly offered to fill in in such instances as I'm not available (and ponderosa121 will be staying on as a mod, and may well surprise us with a drop-in now and then).

For ease o'lookin' back, all previous challenges have now been tagged as such. There's also a 'fic' tag for those of you who'd like to use it. It's not required, and I doubt I'm going to go back and tag all however many fics we have (though if any of our good crew would like to, be my my guest); since I'm led to understand that there's a limit on how many tagged entries will show up in the list. For that reason, I am going to start adding to and organizing the memories sometime in the near future (which really has very little to do with anyone else, but eventually, they'll be there so you can find them ^^; ).

Also, a reminder about those previous challenges: Bein' that we've never had a flood o'responses or much trouble with posts gettin' out o'hand, if ye don't make it in quite under the mark - or if ye should be perusin' the list and see somethin' that catches yer eye - feel free to go ahead and submit yer response anyway. Theoretically, we're saying a reasonable amount of time after challenges have been made, but I quote from the original post on this subject: "'Reasonable' obviously will vary from person to person, but when in doubt: pirate!"

And, finally - Remember, the only posts that should be made to the community itself are challenges and responses thereto - but feedback is always welcome in the comments, and if you have an idea for a future challenge, I'm happy to take 'em into consideration and add 'em to the list! Just drop a comment in reply to one of my posts. ^_^ If you're just setting sail with us or have forgotten the requirements (of which there are very few), information about the proper format for posting a response can be found in the userinfo.

Now! On to the fun!

Your welcome-back challenge is That Ol' Black Magic. There are many things in the world of our dear pirates and their friends that defy explanation - Just who is Tia Dalma, and who - or what - is whispering all those secrets in her ear? What's the true origin of Jack's compass, and who owned it before him? Spin us a yarn of a woman as harsh and untamable as the sea and the spell she casts on those who know her, or weave us a tale of ships summoned from the depths. (But please, speculation only! We're not looking to spoil AWE here - so if you know the truth, that's the one thing you shouldn't tell! ^.~)
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