Atra Materia (thedarkmaterial) wrote in pirates500,
Atra Materia

Avast, mateys! (The politest mutiny ever)

We were sorely hoping to get the community up and running again post-haste for DMC, but alas, our good Cap'n Pond has been mightily awash with other duties. In light of that, she's kindly turned the helm over to me for the time being, and challenges will be forthcoming as soon as we're out of port.

However. Our long-time crew will no doubt recall that prior to the hiatus, we had taken on a bi-weekly format due to the dwindlin' of inspiration. So, before we set sail, I'd be likin' a show of preference for the new letters - Is the current arrangement more conducive to contribution, given that it's more time to work around schooling/jobbing/I-have-ten-catsing, or do we want to have another go with a once-a-week challenge? Leave yer mark, or take what ye get! ^.~
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