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Atra Materia

Pirate's New Year and Challenge #51 - Resolutions

Rise and shine, crew! (Why is this being posted at such an ungodly hour? Well, because I'm up and Neptune knows where we'll be tonight, eh?)

The grand re-launch of pirates500 was originally planned for last month, but thanks to the Great LJ Blackout, you all got an extra several weeks of holiday. But we're back now, and hopefully with a minimum of desertions!

First things first - based on the feedback we got in December, p500 will be switching to a bi-weekly format. Challenges will be posted on the first and the fifteenth, which means that instead of struggling to meet a seven-day deadline, you'll have roughly two weeks to respond to a given topic. With any luck, this will allow you to find time to write around the other little annoyances necessities of life, and get our participation back up. (And as always, feel free to go on and post even if you're a bit late! As long as the challenge hasn't started gathering cobwebs, you should be fine. ^.~)

And now, what you're really here for: In celebration of Pirate New Year, your topic this fortnight is Resolutions. Swearing off the wenches? Going to lose that excess Commodore you've been dragging around (for real, this time)? Cutting back on the rum - okay, so no one on this island's a saint! Whatever your favourite scoundrel's plans for self-improvement, tell us all about it - and we'll see how long it lasts. ^.~
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