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Tertiary PotC Character Ficathon
[ter·ti·ar·y] Third in place, order, degree, or rank.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a fandom which is heavily populated, but I do see some characters that I feel are highly ignored. Not because they're not liked, but because perhaps Jack, Will, Norrington, or Elizabeth are more fun, or easier, to write for.

What I'm referring to when I say tertiary characters are people such as Gibbs, Murtogg, Mullroy, Gilette, Groves, Cotton, Anamaria, Pintel, Rigetti, Bo'Sun, Koehler, and even Gov. Swann to some degree. I'm missing many in that list, but I think I've given you the idea. Basically, any and all characters which are not Elizabeth, Jack, Will, or Norrington.

Deadline for sign up is Monday, Aug 23rd.

-> sign up while you still can!
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