the Mary Ell-en Carter (shrieking_ell) wrote in pirates500,
the Mary Ell-en Carter

Challenge fic for Tossed challenge

Title: The Age Old Debate
Author: shrieking_ell
Rating: G
Genre: gen/RPS
Word count 347
Characters: Features many of the stars of POTC:AWE at the premier of AWE - Warning As such, consider this a warning if you are completely in the dark as to who will be in AWE. All information came from IMDB and is not a spoiler for anything contained in the movie itself as I have no knowledge of that at this time.
Summary: This is temve's fault for something she said recently. Partial blame goes to pirates500 and their latest prompt of "Tossed". There is trouble at the premiere. Johnny Depp and company handle it with their usual skill and aplomb.
Disclaimer: Written for fun. No profit intended. No offence intended to the Mouse or the creators of POTC.

On with the crack…
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